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Melbourne Owner Driver Truck Contracts & Courier Jobs

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In Melbourne, a city constantly in motion, opportunities for owner drivers abound. Whether you’re seeking lucrative owner driver truck contracts or courier jobs to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, Bonds Transport Group has you covered.

With Melbourne’s bustling pace, businesses are always in need of reliable owner drivers to transport goods. Bonds Transport Group is at the forefront of this industry, connecting skilled owner drivers with a wealth of opportunities. Our extensive network of clients ensures a steady flow of contracts for you to choose from, whether you’re interested in short-haul courier jobs or long-haul truck contracts.

Part-Time & Full-Time Melbourne Delivery Jobs with Your Own Vehicle

Unlock a world of opportunity with Bond’s Transport Group, offering an array of part-time and full-time delivery jobs in Melbourne tailored to suit your vehicle and lifestyle. Whether you own a car, van, truck, or motorbike, our platform is your gateway to flexible and lucrative delivery work.

At Bond’s, we understand that life can be demanding, so we provide you with the flexibility to set your own schedule. Whether you’re seeking part-time opportunities for some extra income or aiming for full-time van owner driver jobs in Melbourne, we have the ideal solution for you. Your earnings can be as flexible as your schedule, allowing you to maximise your income based on your availability.

Choose Bond’s for delivery jobs with your own vehicle in Melbourne, and take control of your career and financial future. Your vehicle, your schedule, your success – it’s all within reach with Bond’s Transport Group.

Unleash your potential with Bond’s Transport Group’s owner truck driver jobs in Melbourne. Enjoy competitive pay, flexible hours, and cutting-edge technology to elevate your career.

Choose from a diverse range of courier owner driver jobs in Melbourne that cater to your schedule and goals. We offer competitive pay, on-the-job training, and hassle-free weekly payments.

Join Bond’s Transport Group today and redefine your future in the world of owner truck jobs in Melbourne.

  • Easy to Use Driver App
  • Highest Pay Rates in Industry
  • Sign-On/Productivity Bonuses Available
  • Not Messy Work No Food or Flowers
  • Flexible Working Hours Part-Time & Full
  • On the Job Training Available
  • Wages Paid Weekly

Diverse Vehicle Options for Owner Driver Contracts in Melbourne

When it comes to owner driver contracts in Melbourne, we embrace a variety of vehicle types to accommodate different preferences and needs. One of the popular options we offer is UTE (Utility vehicle) owner driver jobs in Melbourne. UTEs are versatile utility vehicles that combine the cargo-carrying capabilities of a pickup truck with the comfort of a passenger car. They’re known for their ability to handle a fair amount of cargo while being cost-effective to own and maintain.

In addition to UTEs, we welcome motorbikes, trucks, and vans, both for part-time and full-time owner driver positions. If you have your own vehicle, whether it’s a UTE, van, or another suitable type, get in touch with us today to explore the opportunities that Bond’s Transport Group can offer you!

  • Motor Bikes (Top Box/Panniers)
  • 1 Tonne Flat Tops
  • 1 Tonne Vans
  • 2 Tonne Flat Tops
  • 2 Tonne Vans
  • 2-12 Tonne Tautliners/Tabletops with Gates and Tarps

Explore exciting prospects with our owner driver contracts in Melbourne, a pathway chosen by many to drive their careers forward. These contracts offer cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking dependable transportation services. Versatile in their applications, our owner driver contracts serve various needs, including transporting goods, offering services, and delivering crucial documents. When you become an owner truck driver in Melbourne with us, you embrace the role of an entrepreneur, gaining the freedom to dictate your schedule and earn income that matches your commitment. Take the reins of your career—reach out to us today to delve into the potential of our owner driver courier contracts!

Why are Bonds Courier Owner Driver Jobs in Melbourne So Popular?

Highest-Paying Owner Driver Truck Contracts in Melbourne!

Are you in search of the most lucrative owner van driver jobs in Melbourne? Look no further! We provide the highest pay rates in the city, offering tailor-made contracts to suit our drivers’ needs. At Bond’s, we offer courier work for owner drivers that stands above the rest. Contact us today to seize these incredible job opportunities you won’t want to miss!

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Lucrative Courier Work with Your Own Car and Flexible Scheduling

At Bonds, we take pride in being Melbourne, Australia’s premier owner driver trucking company, offering exceptional opportunities with competitive rates. Our owner driver contracts in Melbourne are among the best in the industry. When you collaborate with Bonds for courier work as an owner driver, you gain the liberty to select your preferred routes and work hours, allowing you to craft a schedule that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and preferences. Join us today and experience the freedom of working on your terms!

Effortless and Reliable Payments for Owner Driver Jobs in Melbourne

In the pursuit of owner driver jobs in Melbourne, finding a reliable company is paramount. At Bonds, we understand that timely payment is crucial. We’ve developed a seamless payment system to ensure you always receive compensation for your hard work. For owner van drivers and those completing delivery jobs with their own car, the assurance of consistent and dependable payments is a top priority. Join Bonds today, where you can focus on your work, knowing that your compensation is guaranteed.

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Support & Training for New Van & Truck Owner Drivers in Melbourne

If you’re new to the courier industry and lack a vehicle of your own, Bonds offers a pathway to get started with owner driver contracts in Melbourne. We’re actively seeking motivated individuals to join our team, and we’re here to assist you in becoming part of the industry, even if you don’t currently have a vehicle. Our Buy Your Own Business initiative provides opportunities for van driver jobs and more. Contact us today to explore our Buy Your Own Business program and our ongoing courier owner driver opportunities in Melbourne.

Start Your Career as an Owner Driver in Melbourne with Bonds Buy Your Own Business Program

Are you ready to embark on your journey as an owner driver in Melbourne? Our Buy Your Own Business program provides the perfect opportunity for those without a suitable vehicle to kickstart their career in the courier industry. Bonds will contribute up to 10% of the down payment for a new vehicle, making it easier for you to become an owner driver without the initial financial burden. Enjoy the benefits of our owner driver contracts and start your own business with us today. Contact us for more details about this program and our exciting owner driver job opportunities in Melbourne.


  • No deposit – Bonds pays up to 10% new vehicle price, covering any finance deposit requirements.
  • Fleet discount included – Generous fleet owners discount applied to reduce the purchase price.
  • Guaranteed Earnings – Continuity of work for the duration of the 4-year agreement.
  • Low Maintenance – Low maintenance and low costs associated with a new vehicle.
  • Extended Warranty – 4 years / 160,000 km warranty.
  • Free Roadside assist- 4 years of Road Side Assistance (T&C).
  • Low Service costs – 4 years Capped Price Servicing (T&C).
  • 12months/30,000km service intervals
  • FREE Loan vehicle with every Schedule servicing.
  • Fleet purchaser bulk discount included
  • Rego, CTP and all other costs included low fixed drive away pricing.
  • Full Tank of Fuel at vehicle collection.


  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Familiarity with Metro Areas.
  • Proactive and motivated work ethic.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Effective planning and organizational skills.
  • Professional appearance.
  • ABN holder.
  • Good credit rating

Experience a rewarding career with abundant remuneration! Your quest ends here. Our courier van owner operator positions offer a compelling opportunity to use your personal vehicle for transporting goods while reaping competitive compensation. Bonds stands as your premier destination for owner driver jobs in Melbourne, providing a spectrum of advantages, including flexible scheduling, prompt payments, and performance-based bonuses. Whether you prefer tackling individual assignments, dedicating weekends, or embracing full-time commitment, our roles cater to your unique preferences. Recognising that our drivers are paramount aligns with our core values, fostering operational efficiency and mutual cost reduction. If you’re eager to explore lucrative owner driver contracts in Melbourne, connect with us today. Uncover the exciting opportunities custom-tailored just for you!

Courier Owner Driver Jobs Melbourne FAQs

The transport industry in Australia is booming, with more and more businesses putting out job listings for owner drivers wanted. If you’re looking for a van driver job in Melbourne, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired. Firstly, make sure your resume is up to date and tailored to the role you’re applying for. Don’t be afraid to approach businesses offering owner driver jobs in Melbourne directly. There is plenty of work to go around in this industry. Make sure that the payment schedule is favourable, you want to know that you will be paid weekly with no hassle.

Bond’s has owner driver jobs in Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales and other locations in Australia. We offer extremely competitive rates in our owner driver courier contracts and even have a program where we can help applicants obtain a new vehicle for the job – the Buy Your Own Business initiative. If you are interested in owner truck driver jobs in Melbourne don’t hesitate to reach out. Our courier service is in high demand and we have plenty of work for owner van drivers who are self-motivated and ready to enjoy the benefits of making their own schedule. If you are interested in applying for one of our owner driver contracts in Melbourne you can easily do so on our Employment Opportunities section of the website.

The going rate for owner driver jobs in Melbourne will depend on many factors. For instance, for someone that does not have a presentable vehicle of their own, driver jobs may seem unattainable, but there are ways to get around that obstacle. Contracts are available that include helping an applicant in purchasing a vehicle suitable for the job. UTE owner driver jobs in Melbourne are a commonly sought after opportunity due to the vehicle’s ability to deliver several types of goods as well as double as rideshare opportunity. Those who own a 2 tonne flat top will have different jobs offered that could be more lucrative depending on demand.

Courier owner driver jobs in Melbourne pay well in general. The amount you earn will depend on many factors. Delivery jobs using your own vehicle can be highly paid and rewarding jobs. But you have to take into account that you will be making your own schedule and need to be personally motivated to make the most of the opportunity. Pay may also depend on the type of vehicle you are utilising for the job, the distance you travel and the goods you are delivering. If you want to make the best wages, being constantly available is key. The more you drive and deliver, the more you stand to make in this industry. Many companies also offer sizable bonuses for those starting new owner driver contracts in Melbourne who are willing to be driving and delivering consistently.

Join Our Team Of Drivers

If you have a positive track record, current driver’s licence, reliable and presentable vehicle; and if you have a great attitude, solid work ethic and genuinely care about customers; then we want to talk with you about joining the team.

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