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Melbourne Transport Company, Logistics Services & 3PL Warehousing In Melbourne

The top outsourced solution to warehousing and distribution in Melbourne, Bonds Transport Group has a track record of providing reliable and flexible logistics services that have delighted customers since 2006. We’re the logistics and transport company Melbourne calls when it comes to the storage and distribution of goods as well as in ensuring the timely fulfillment of orders. We engage with our clients to create comprehensive 3PL Melbourne strategies that best serve their needs. We exist to complement business operations, helping every client meet their goals through consistently efficient logistics, from transportation to warehousing and third party logistics solutions.

Bonds Melbourne 3PL Warehousing Facility In Tullamarine (Victoria) Enables Our Transport Company To Offer The Most Efficient Logistic Services In Melbourne

Need storage for your goods? Is the task of storing and distributing your products getting overwhelming? Our 3PL warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria can handle them for you, helping you manage inventory levels. We can be the physical extension of your online store, fulfilling your orders directly from your stock stored at our secure warehouse. Whether you require the storage and distribution of a portion or your entire merchandise, your supply chain process will be seamless when you have the most efficient and comprehensive 3PL warehousing in Melbourne and one of the best transportation companies in Melbourne on your side.

Logistics Company Melbourne Business Owners Trust

Bonds Transport Group has been the reliable partner in serving efficient logistics the city needs. Ideal for customers who struggle with the fulfillment of orders due to their overwhelming number, our third party logistics will be preparing and shipping your products to every intended client right on schedule. Start conquering your chosen industry in Australia’s city of many laneways and the world’s most livable city by getting your products to where they should be at the designated time. Go for the best of logistics companies in Melbourne. With Bonds, your business is in good hands.


Melbourne Transport Services Which Integrate With Your Supply Chain

For a cost-effective solution to your product delivery needs, Bonds Transport Group offers shipping carrier options as well as freight transport to suit customers’ requirements. Essential to the supply chain of any business, delivering goods to customers via a transport company in Melbourne has to be well-integrated into the operations of the business. We can effortlessly incorporate our service into your business and operate like we have been part of it for years. With our state-of-the-art technology and by recognising the different requirements of every customer, we can tailor our service to target those exact needs.


3PL Warehousing Melbourne - Offering Third Party Logistic Solutions

Part of our third party logistics in Melbourne is our 3PL warehouse, a service dedicated to making our business operations more efficient and meeting even the strictest criteria. Designed to handle an entire order fulfilment service, our 3PL warehousing in Melbourne can receive, pick, pack, label and ship your products to your customers. When out of space, struggling with handling and keeping track of supplies, especially wide-ranging products in high volumes during peak sales, you can find all the help you need in our secure warehouse in Victoria. You can simply take the orders and let Bonds handle the rest.

Why Choose Bonds As Your Go-To Transport & Logistics Company in Melbourne?

The most dependable of logistics services in Melbourne, we work in the best interest of our customers. We’re dedicated to providing quality service tailored to the diverse requirements of those who entrust an integral part of their business to us. We create a storage and domestic shipping solution that would focus on your needs. Updated with Australian guidelines and regulations, we handle products in accordance to the strictest standards. As your goods are stored and delivered throughout the city, we track your products from start to finish and grant you access to the data, providing you with real-time updates.

Our Melbourne Logistics Company Team Has Decades Of Experience

Bonds Transport Group can provide a service backed by decades of experience within reasonable costs. We have been a provider of a range of specialised transport services since 1979 to the global freight forwarding industry, and provider of domestic 3PL services since 2006, with warehouses in three locations. Not one to back down from challenging situations, and with the expertise we gained through the years, we are among the Melbourne logistics companies to go for.

Our Transport Company Melbourne Always Deliver On Time

If you’re looking for a transportation company in Melbourne with a highly reliable and timely delivery service and with competitive rates, we are proud to say that Bonds Transport Group’s Melbourne transport services have never failed getting the right product to the right place at the right time. As among the Australian industry leaders, our commitment to our customers won’t end until each of them is completely satisfied with the service we provide.

Huge Fleet of Dedicated Vehicles Places Us Ahead Of Other Transport Companies in Melbourne

With a national fleet of more than 550 vehicles with GPS tracking, 100 in the city, Bonds Transport Group is one of the Melbourne transport companies you can trust with your logistics needs. We have high faith in our network of vehicles driven by trustworthy and experienced drivers throughout the city. Contact our Melbourne transport company today and let’s create a customised and comprehensive ground transportation solution for your business.

A Transport Service in Melbourne Infused With Large Team Of Professional Drivers

To provide top transport services in Melbourne, Victoria, we have gathered some of Australia’s most trusted professional drivers with positive track record, great customer service, solid work ethic, and genuinely care about customers, to ensure your goods will safely reach where they need to be according to your exact specifications. As among the growing transport companies in Melbourne, we are still actively recruiting dependable drivers to help us provide the city with quality service.

Solutions For 3PL Logistics & 3PL Warehousing Melbourne Businesses Can Rely On

Going for Bonds Transport Group’s Melbourne 3PL warehousing service means that your goods will be handled by the most experienced 3PL Melbourne experts. A logistics company in Melbourne with transparent service, our in-house support team will be in direct contact with you so you’re always updated on the status of your goods in our care. We also have video surveillance, alarmed doors, security monitoring and security guard patrols, as well as real-time inventory tracking software.

Bonds Are The Best Logistics Company Melbourne Has To Offer. Contact Us About Our Transport Service & 3PL Warehousing In Melbourne

Bonds Transport Group’s 3PL warehouse in Melbourne has been helping businesses safely store and deliver their products to their customers on time. Want to join the group of partners trusting us for years with warehousing and transport service in Melbourne? Let’s talk. Learn more about the different services we have on offer, including our competitive rates. You can find our warehouse at Unit 1, 21 Flight Drive, Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia. You may contact us through our office phone number (03) 8335 0506. You can also fax us at this number: (03) 9310 4453.

Logistics, 3PL Warehousing & Transport Company Melbourne FAQs

Can Bonds Melbourne logistics services help with my company's supply chain management requirements?


As we focus to help clients manage production cost by handling, among others, the storage and distribution process right from our Melbourne 3PL warehouse, our logistics services are the perfect match to the clients’ supply chain management, from making it easier for their goods to reach various areas throughout the city to ensuring that the right type and right amount of goods reach each of their customer on time and in perfect condition. Since 2006, we have been providing logistics services, making us the experienced logistics provider who’s familiar with the city’s transport network and with a long record of successful deliveries. Apart from our very own warehouse in Victoria, we also use software systems that allow us to receive purchase requests within seconds and with our lauded transportation system, you’re ensured of the timely delivery of all your goods.

Does Bonds provide a full third party logistics service from its Melbourne 3PL warehouse in Tullamarine?


While our 3PL warehouse in Melbourne already includes packaging, extensive warehouse racking, forklift trucks, and barcode scanning, among others, we also offer as standard service custom racking configuration as well as storage solutions, be it containers, pallets or cartons. We also have cross-docking facilities. Other features of our 3PL logistics in Melbourne include value added services such as labelling, bagging and reworking, single source deliveries to metro area, inventory planning through online stock reports, Microlistics Warehouse Management System for product visibility as well as inventory verification, and LIFO, FIFO tracking, among others.

Why is Bonds considered the best logistics companies in Melbourne offering logistics and warehousing solutions?


As the best logistics and warehousing company in the city, apart from the comprehensive services and the latest technology we use in ensuring secure storing as well as seamless product distribution, providing our customers the peace of mind they deserve. We especially take pride in our knowledgeable team of logistics and warehousing experts who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to a wide range of clients. Always available for any customer query, we make sure to return calls as soon as possible and to provide clients the information and updates they need. Our logistics service in Melbourne is built on the belief that each customer is different and has different needs, and thus we can’t fit all clients into one rigid system. We talk to each customer to be able to identify their specific requirements and be able to design and implement a solution that best suits their needs. Our Melbourne logistics company can take care of the storage and distribution so you will be able to focus more on other aspects of your business.

Join Our Team Of Drivers

If you have a positive track record, current driver's licence, reliable and presentable vehicle; and if you have a great attitude, solid work ethic and genuinely care about customers; then we want to talk with you about joining the team.